Design, Mine, Refine

I have been struggling for a few days now with the next post for my blog. I realized what I was trying to do was paraphrase what some else had written. While their headings were universal themes, the experience written of was unique to them.  I was wasting my time trying to restate what was said. Instead, I began to use the headings to stimulate musings based on my personal experience. Also it became clear I needed to write and add this post before continuing.

In the previous post I had given a series of headings about the soul on which I had offered my thoughts. Headings are great starting points as you begin to explore your inner self through journaling 

A previous experience I had with journaling was quite illuminating. I was following the writings of Judith Wright in her book The One Decision. By following the different themes and journaling as prescribed I arrived at a better understanding of myself in regards to living my One Decision which was to live more soulfully.

From this it became clear that the process could not only be used for Judith’s themes but also for other themes I thought worthwhile. In my experience of shamanic journeying there was a similar process at work. Prior to journeying I’d create an intention then enter the meditative state for the journey. I’d meet with guides who in some way would fulfil my intention. Judith’s themes were also intentions for each day. Intention evolves into inspiration. What am I inspired to experience? This is the Design.

The journaling process becomes a morning meditation after which I write down my inspiration for the day. I allow the day to unfold allowing myself to just be, however it plays out. I then journal again in the evening. As I write down my current reality, you may sense negativity in the days experience. (Over the holiday period I’m encountering a financial slow down and I feel fear when I’m unsure how my bills are going to be paid). I continue to write knowing that writing is a peaceful activity for me.

I am inspired to write at this time. At the end of the day I look back at how my day evolved. I Mine the day. What are my experiences? What emotion was brought up during the day? 

Then I Refine. Is how the day played out in accord with my inspiration? Where is the Gold? Were there things I could have done better? Are there bits I’d prefer to leave behind tomorrow (the tailings)? 

You needn’t meditate to come up with an inspiration or intention. The inspiration may come as you read, or listen to a piece of music, as you take a walk or while you ponder, or maybe create, a piece of art.

Journaling is a creative process. Writing is just one starting point. Painting or drawing your experience is just as valuable. You might even choose to dance if you’re familiar with that expression. In the shamanic tradition when Creator gifted you a power animal one of the ways of honouring that would be to dance it.

In matters of the soul allow your heart to be your guide. The Way of the Creative Mythologer may be evoked through inspiration. Inspiration speaks to the heart, the home of the soul in the body. If you aspire to become more soul conscious pay exquisite attention to your heart. Read mythology while being heart-centred. If you are inspired by what you read, journal the theme or themes and work with them.

The next post is Characteristics of the Soul and lends itself to using a journaling practice with it.