Living in Soul: Aspects – Part Three

A deep calm devoid of emotional disturbance distinguishes the disciple who is focused in “a mind held steady in the light”. The surface of his life may be in a state of violent flux. I spite of all he stands firm, poised in soul consciousness and the depths of his life lie undisturbed. This is not insensitivity – it is intensity of feeling transmuted in focused understanding.

I know the state of violent flux. I stand in it at this point. I spoke in the previous post of my financial condition. There is an inner knowing within I need to make a change in my life and what is change but flux. The infrequency of employment weighs heavy at this time but I know this is only temporary. I sit here composing my post. The sun is blazing away in the sky at 7.30 pm and there is stillness as I write. Birdsong is gentle yet persistent. They’re speaking to each other and to me. Plants need water and I’ll wait for the intensity of the sun to drop before I slake their thirst. I feel serene within – my heart does not complain. Serenity touches me most when I’m in nature. It is there at all times if I stop myself to feel it.

Inner Calm
Have patience. Endurance is one of the characteristics of the I AM Presence. The I AM Presence is that which is immortal within us. It is always seeking to be acknowledged in our lives…. The attitude and experience of Inner Calm is for all those who persist in their high endeavour, who count all things as nothing unless they achieve the goal and who steer a steady course through circumstances, keeping eyes fixed upon the vision, the ears listening for the voice of the God within that sounds in the silence of the heart; the feet firmly placed on the path that leads to the Portal of Initiation, the hands held out in assistance to the world, and the whole life subordinated to the call of service….. Then all that comes is for the best – sickness, opportunity, success and disappointment, the lack of comprehension on the part of those we love – all is but to be used, and all exists but to be transmuted.

Patience, endurance. Am I being patient? Am I enduring? Or am I in a place of safety, fearing moving into a life of service. Service I take to mean bringing all of the talents I have acquired on the journey for the good of the community. Living my vision, living my One Decision. Surrendering to both and allowing the magnificence to take me. To be here in this moment in Perfect Poise feeling the exquisiteness of the Beloved Presence.

Perfect Poise
The freedom from emotional reaction which enhances mental clarity. I ponder this and what comes to mind is a texture of absolute unity with my vision. A place where I won’t allow myself to be distracted from the Path. A place of no fear. The place of absolute knowing. Not only absolute unity with my vision but an eternal unity, a oneness with life’s perfection.

The more I ponder Perfect Poise the deeper the subtlety of its effect on being. What would my life be like in a constantly perfectly poised state? Not only is there unity within and without but a sense of infinite opportunity and possibility. It is a place of soul connectedness. A place as it says free from emotional reaction. Open to whatever life requires from you in each moment without attachment to concerns which are all illusory in an abundant universe.

I begin to see the beauty of perfect poise when I look below at the characteristics of Wisdom and Intuition and see how it provides the space for them to be fully present at all times. It is a wonderful gift.

I had a conversation with my boss after I finished work the other day regarding my plans for the New Year. In the back of my mind were the concerns of the infrequency of the work at this time of the year and because of that financial pinch I was experiencing. I got home later and started working on the post and looking at Perfect Poise and I saw the conversation could have been very different if I’d been in that poised state.

The more your soul grips you, the more your mind will awaken, and feeling (in the personal sense) fade out. Feel free, but be sure it is not a freedom demanded because the sense of failure to organise your time and reduce your personality to rhythmic living hurts your pride. The more you take hold of your soul, the more you will learn to use the time as a responsibility. Beware the glamour of freedom.

Beware the glamour of freedom. Yes. Freedom do what? If the freedom comes not from using all with which you are gifted in service to the greater good, then freedom takes on an emptiness.

I thought I loved the freedom to have a cup of coffee on the way to and then on the way home from work at a particular couple of cafes. Yes it did feel good to do that – to take time out to and from work, supping great coffee, reading my book, forming relationships with the staff over time, chatting with them, sharing a joke.

While it had all those good points I realized that a habit had formed during that time bordering on an addiction. Almost a co-dependence that only I was aware of. The same could be said of my working as a chef. That, I feel, is also a form of co-dependence. I said to a colleague earlier this year that it wasn’t actually the cooking that was a possible addiction but rather I was co-dependent on the money I was receiving from it. How insightful that comment was has really hit home as I regard how I’ve been feeling without money making its way regularly into my bank account over the past two or three weeks.

Bureaucracy likes to label us. It makes their job easy. Its easier to keep a person on the same path rather than in assisting them to change to a fuller expression of their talents and gifts.

When regular income withered I went to a government department for assistance until such time as it would flourish again. I said to them that I wanted to change paths to encompass the other talents I’ve acquired over the years and it seemed that all they wanted me to do was apply for one of the hospitality positions that they had available. I walked out. There is sometimes no reasoning within bureaucracy. This was another indicator of how free I wasn’t.

Another benefit of this period of scarce income has been eating less – maybe only one meal a day without any pangs of real hunger. More insight on how we can become habituated to our routines. Having had a client who had fasted for 21 days and in talking with friend who was familiar with the fasting process I am fascinated by how little we may need to live a healthy lifestyle without the rigors of intense physical training. The longest I have fasted for is four days and I was surprised at having only minimal hunger during that time. As my body adapted the process was easy.

True freedom is in my mind and my heart. If I’m feeling trapped by external circumstances I change my thought processes regarding the trap and take action based on those new thoughts.

Wisdom deals with the essence of things rather than the things themselves. It is the intuitive grasp of the truth without the reasoning behind it. It is our innate perception allowing us to distinguish between the false and the true, the real and the unreal.

It is…..The growing capacity of the Thinker to enter increasingly into the mind of the Logos, to realise the true inwardness of the great pageant of the universe, to vision the objective, and to harmonise more and more with the higher measure.

It is.….The realisation of the Kingdom of God within.

As I mentioned before wisdom comes from a state of perfect poise. It is a connectedness to the divine in each moment. Wisdom is always with us if we take a moment to merge with our soul presence.

Wisdom comes with experience. We understand an event by being mindful during its unfolding. Allowing all its textures, sound, physical sensation, taste, sight, smell to create a fullness within. Experience is neither good nor bad it just is. And through our humanness we have the faculties to discover what it is about any event that will assist our evolution to greater expression of ourselves. What is we perceive as pleasurable is indicative of our higher path. What we perceive as disagreeable can lead us to the places within we needed to work on.


Intuition is the energy which carries revelation of divine purpose and brings with its appearance three qualities:

Illumination – the “Light of the Ages” – recognition through experience of the complete identification with the Universal Mind.

Understanding – an increased ability to love all beings and yet at the same time preserve personality detachment.

Love – the synthetic, inclusive grasp of the life and needs of all beings in which it is the high prerogative of a divine Son of God to operate. It sees no distinction, even when it appreciates need, and it produces in one who loves as a soul immediate identification with that which is loved.

……Thoughts of revealing potency for the helping of many may drop into the mind. Some new light upon an old truth may penetrate releasing this truth from the hindrances of orthodoxy, thus illuminating consciousness. Become sensitive to Divine Ideas. The hope of the world and the dispelling of illusion lies in the development of intuitives and their conscious training.

……Fleeting moments of this high freedom come to all true aspirants at times during their life struggle. They have then an intuitive flash of understanding. The outline of the future and the nature of the truth sweeps momentarily through their consciousness, and life is never again the same.

Again the perfect poise of being anchored in our soul presence is a prerequisite of intuition. We all have this inherent ability. As with any strength it needs practice. It may manifest as inner vision, inner voice, or inner sentience. It is the sense of absolute knowing, of absolute truth as perceived by your soul essence.

Intuition may challenge us to leave behind our physical perception and allow soul perception to take hold. It is asking us to evolve not only toward our perfection for this lifetime but also a universal perfection. That we may feel connected to all things.

Intuition may call us to be more in tune with the elements of the natural world – as all is energy thus we are connected with the rocks, the plants, the animals and life-forms big and small

Intuition can speak to us through the heart. Centreing and anchoring yourself in the heart if you’re feeling disconnected is one method of returning to the space of perfect poise. Practice being heartful. As heartfulness is firmly fixed as presence you open to more spontaneity and joy in your life.