Working with Aspects of the Soul: Loneliness

In solitude the rose of the soul flourishes; in solitude the divine self can speak; in solitude the faculties and the graces of the higher self can take root and blossom in the personality. Alice A. Bailey, The Soul The Quality of Life.

From a weekend of sharing where I sometimes felt alone within the challenges I was facing, to a day of loneliness where I never felt alone or lonely. The sense over the weekend was that on the one hand here I was struggling for monetary income and on the other were my brothers and brother-in-law all with salaried positions. And I know the comfort that brings, having spent at least 20 years of my early working life with the comfort of a salary.

Yesterday began with the posting to the blog. I connected for a short while with the brother I’m sharing a house with. He was going away for a few days so When I arrived home I’d have the house to myself. Once I’d completed posting I had a little breakfast and raced out the door. I’m painting the house of a friend. She lives by herself and has a sense of care for her house and section. It has a quaint feel about it – As if one is stepping into another world as you enter the gate. I’m working on the higher places. We were on different sides of the house, each alone in our focus on the part we were painting.

I am getting a sense as I write that perhaps Loneliness is the wrong terminology for this particular aspect. Maybe it would be better to call it Aloneness. Maybe not. For me the word Aloneness speaks of either having made a conscious choice to be alone or possibly fate has chosen a path for us that we need to experience in order for our soul’s evolution.

I know that each time I have left a committed relationship I have a greater sense of the variety and beauty that life holds. There are times when I have felt lonely within that and at the same time there is a sense that I am able to fully be with whatever else I’m doing at any moment in my life and not have that little voice come in and say you should be at home now. If I am fully engaged in the moment I am living and loving what I’m doing, I’m flowing, and flowering, I’m letting go and letting God as the saying goes. And in that space I’m alone with the beauty of existence. I may try to share that in words and words may come up short. And another’s experience of that place while the theme is the same.

I felt a connection to the butterfly motif I wrote about in yesterday’s post when I considered loneliness. The caterpillar creates the cocoon around itself. And then begins its metamorphosis over a period of time into butterfly. It must go through this experience alone in order to be transformed. Once the transformation has occurred the butterfly then lays eggs and the cycle continues. Some butterflies lay a single egg while others lay theirs in clusters. I imagine those clusters of eggs create a mass consciousness so I hark back to…He is breaking loose from the mass consciousness with which he has been merged This period of metamorphosis is a lonely experience. And yet in the end there is beauty. It is interesting that the ancient Greek word Psyche is ascribed not only to the Soul but is also their word for butterfly.

Blessings to you all.

It is almost impossible to be lonely these days especially online with a lot of people Twittering. I’ve seen people with 10’s of thousands of followers. I’m not sure if they’re doing as a marketing ploy or what, but it is possibly a way to get lost in a mass consciousness. Having said that I am on Twitter following maybe 6 people. I guess discernment is the key and being aware of what you are wishing to create.