Working with Aspects of the Soul: Neutrality

The day seemed to be almost perfect when I consider neutrality. I wasn’t caught up in negativity and allowed the day to flow. The painting of the house continued. The rear of the house is almost complete. There’s a little around the windows to do and when I stood back and took it all in from a vantage point behind the trees in the garden there was a beauty to what we had a achieved. There was a moment touched by perfection where not only the new paint was the focus, but all that I was conscious of as I opened my perspective to include the garden created a sense of wonder.


Neutrality is a state of openness. The word Chaos originally meant an opening. From that opening the world was created. As I allow myself to be in that state I am being present to my creative essence. As I feel the creative essence within I become open to life’s calling. What is it I wish to create?

The breath is a perfect tool for bringing me back to the state of neutrality when I find my thoughts becoming chaotic. Most of us tend to breathe in a shallow manner not inflating the lungs fully. Diaphragmatic breathing brings us a fuller experience of our lungs and draws the breath to lower regions of the lungs. Following the breath is also a method for inducing a meditative state. Meditation itself is a neutral space where we can watch the flow of our thoughts and not become attached. And as the thoughts die away we experience the ultimate neutral space. Into this place we may send questions wait in neutral and receive answers. The answer may not come immediately but arrive later as we continue with our daily lives. We may feel ourselves drawn to take a certain route. Pick up a particular book. Call a person who appears in our mind. Follow these inspirations.

A perfect example of this happened on Monday when I arrived to paint the house. My friend mentioned that she’d found a poster for a talk on Gnosticism. I have an ongoing interest in Gnosis. Their tenet of self knowledge and an immanent divinity has a soundness to it when compared to the dogma of various religions. And all I have had is what I have been able to read about online or in books. This was an opportunity to see and work with real Gnostics. So I went along to a talk on the Kabbala last night. The presenters have been in New Zealand for almost a year and this was their first series of talks. It was interesting to develop a feel for what seems to be a complex subject – and yet it is pathway for connection to our divine self. Thank you.

Neutrality is the perfect space to return to and cultivate the sense of gratitude when we’re feeling the challenges of our everyday lives. To see the gifts that life has given us along the way. What we may be perceiving now as negative is only temporary and by being grateful we invite more gifts to come into our consciousness.

Blessings to all.