Working with Aspects of the Soul: Serenity

I’ve been sleeping well. As I consider the struggles of my past – the ones that have kept insomnia barking at my door – mainly when relationships didn’t appear to be working any more, this current struggle is not keeping me up at night worried out of my head. Seems like a good thing.

It has certainly been keeping a knot of something in my stomach at different times of the day. Fear probably, as I make this transition from one reality to another. I really had to remind myself often of yesterday’s intention. Serenity. I needed to breathe that into my awareness.

And yet in the middle of it all there are gifts. Seeing and listening to others at peace with themselves was a gift to me while that knot seemed to be tightening. Sitting there under the Chinese Silk tree. If ever there was a tree helpful in evoking serenity that’s the one. It’s beautiful.

There was an interesting moment when I looked for my previous post on another computer and it wasn’t there. I was kicking myself that maybe I’d mistakenly deleted it and was going over what I’d written in my mind and hoping I could get it all back. I asked myself in that moment what serenity was all about and the answer was seeing everything as perfect. I thought that having an empty space under the heading was perfect detachment. And was imagining fielding a couple of comments. When I got home and logged on to my computer there it was as if it had never disappeared. It was perfect.

Coming home and clearing email. Seeing one from Joe Vitale in which he was offering a free download to his subscribers. I opened the file and found a bonus pdf which turned out to be an e-book version of what he believed to be one of the most powerful books on manifestation written . It’s called Attaining Your Desires By Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by GENEVIEVE BEHREND. If you’re unable to get a copy from him you can get one at

I understand the process of manifestation and yet here was a text that thoroughly elucidated what to do when it seemed that whatever you were endeavouring to manifest wasn’t working. Whether you were struggling with disappointment, fear, sensitivity or other manner of upset most of the remedies outlined consisted of breathing, walking, affirmation.

All methods for coming back to serenity.

I found myself moved to work on my vision board and become clearer on what I really wanted my life to be about. I look forward to it unfolding.