Working with Qualities of Soul: Complexity

The day didn’t seem that complex. But then a day doesn’t define the complexity of a lifetime. In fact the beauty with not working in regular employment simplifies things. Because there’s often not enough time in your life for a full time job and a main hobby or other interests, the chance to pursue different expressions of your life become possible.

All the qualities of soul seem to knit together gathering around the quality of Complexity. As a human being the elements that grow together to create my physical form are complex and yet the information required is contained in each and every cell that makes up my body. A cell is the most simple of organisms and yet locked in that simplicity are the coded instructions that create the human form from the time the egg is fertilized by the sperm.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the seemingly simple concept that we are all part of the one thing, whatever you want to call it God, Source, Essence, Spirit – and yet again there is this multiplicity of form. And not only human. We know that it is all energy – even the most dense of forms (rocks) are energy. So all things rocks, minerals, plants, animals, insects are forms of energy though each is vibrating at the different frequency that allows it to be what it is.

As humans we are lucky enough to be able to change our vibrations. If we are weighed down by life, if our energy has a heaviness about we can lighten it up by remembering different times, times we enjoyed.

There are so many different energies that can affect who we imagine ourselves to be. Astrology, numerology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, biology all lend us different ideas and of who we might be now and clues to who we might be in the future. Who we conceive ourselves to be in one moment, may change in the very next as we encounter some totally new energetic or physical experience.

I called into the kitchen I worked at last year to check on work for next week and they’re in planning to cater a 4 or 5 day flower show event in mid March. There is excitement in the air. A new event to plan for.  They are working with complexity in order to create a simplicity. Planning will create a unified field, a common goal that will create an experience for each customer from a multiplicity of elements. Alchemy is at work creating an opus. I’m looking forward to it.

Another occasion that has complexity behind not only the organization but also the individual acts is The World Buskers Festival on in Christchurch at the moment. It is an event that has grown over the years and a real feature and highlight for the city. I watched an aerial act, Fuse Circus yesterday and the complexity involved in their piece was astounding. There were several different elements to their act, balancing, trapeze, juggling – exquisitely brought together for the audience. Again they were building towards a a great finish. Not a thing was left to chance.  Their responsibility to safety could be seen in their preparation for each of the scenes within the act.

Brilliant Balance
Brilliant Balance

The photo shows the culmination of three different parts of this element. He began on a single tube adding more while building to this balancing on 5 tubes. Wonderful to watch. Superb. Complexity on complexity.

I got home to the Back to the Future triology on Sky. More complexity the audacious nature of the story – time travel. The final product is a myriad of influences that produces a story holding fascination for its viewers. Pure hokum but it’s the drawing together of all the details to bring the story to life that is wonderful. That the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I wonder about the complexity of my life and am I still to add more until my wholeness is greater than the sum of my parts and that which is held tightly in a bud begins to let go and bloom.

As we discover our complexity and allow the elements that have brought us to the experience of now we can acknowledge the fullness of who we have become, of the gifts that life has given us along the way.