Life’s a Banquet Guided Meditation

This meditation takes the form of creating a banquet, a space where the grandness of your life will be laid out for you. Where you are able to honour the magnificence of you and receive gifts of Divine Inspiration.

We begin as always by creating protection.

Firstly call down a pyramid of white light to cover you. A
ray of pure white light enters the top of the pyramid and as
you inhale it enters the crown chakra, down through the
third eye and throat chakras and into the heart.

Next imagine that pyramid inverting and stretching deep in
to the orange and golden fires of Mother Earth. As you
exhale this golden light is drawn in through the chakras of
your feet up, up through the other chakras mingling with the
white light of spirit in the heart chakra. Once it fills you
it begins to spill out filling the pyramid keeping you safe
as you prepare to venture out into the spirit realms.

Ask now for the Blue Ray of St Michael to envelop this
protective capsule and for St Michael to send guardians to
the entrances.

The second aspect of protection is the forming of clear
intent for the journey. The setting of a powerful and
passionate intent draws spirit help to you. Were we to enter
the spirit world without a strong focus we may draw to us
entities of a less helpful nature. These may come to us
possibly following the lead of a negative thought pattern
while in the journey.

The purpose of this first meditation is to journey a sacred
space that will appear as a banquet room and receive a gift
here that will be symbolic for the first stage towards your
leading a life of Divine Inspiration. To do this you affirm
your intention three times powerfully and can imagine
sending it before you like an arrow into the Spirit Realm.
Or you imagine it as energy emanating from your heart
powerfully. Your intention will be to journey to this sacred
space, meet a spirit helper and receive the first gift
symbolic for your Divinely Inspired life. Say silently to
yourself after me.

My intention is to journey to this sacred space, meet a
spirit helper and receive the first gift symbolic for your
Divinely Inspired life.
My intention is to journey to this sacred space, meet a
spirit helper and receive the first gift symbolic for your
Divinely Inspired life.
My intention is to journey to this sacred space, meet a
spirit helper and receive the first gift symbolic for your
Divinely Inspired life.

I’m going to ask you now to take a command breath. This is
a deep and powerful breath. Filling you from the diaphragm
to the lungs. Hold the breath. Keep bringing it up. Hold it.
Hold it. Then let it go letting it burst from your body.

In a moment you’ll be asked to take another command
breath. This time I’d like you to tighten the muscles in
your body from your toes to your head.

Ok. Take that deep and powerful breath. Bring it up. Bring
it up. Hold it. Hold it. Tighten those muscles, all over,
about mid strength. Hold it. Hold it. Release it. Let go of
everything and imagine your heaviness sinking into the earth
grounding you.

To demonstrate the power of your spirit self, now imagine
your body becoming lighter. See yourself levitating a few
inches off the ground.

Next I’ll ask you to take a breath to heart. This breath
is inhaled deeply and gently. Then connect and focus on any
distractedness, any tension, and any distress as you breath
in. Again you will continue to hold it and then let it go
gently releasing it to your heart along with those

Ok. Take that deep, yet gentle breath. Bring it up, centre
it in your heart, collect those distractions. Bring it up.
(Pause) Now release it gently but smoothly, letting the
distractions go as well.

Next, another breath to heart. Now take that deep and gentle
breath. Bring it up. Collect any last remaining tension.
Bring it up.  (Pause) Again release it gently to the heart.

Take a moment to notice the peace.

Imagine yourself on a trail anywhere or of anything you
choose. It could be the yellow brick road, a trail through
the forest. It may be a favourite place. If you can connect
with a joyful feeling around it, it is perfect. Let the
joyfulness expand into your actions. Allow yourself to move
in joy however that is evoked for you. Allow yourself to
express that joy vocally in whatever way is comfortable for
you. The mode of expression isn’t important. The spirit of
joy attracts beneficial outcomes to you.

Up ahead you see a crystal dodecahedron rising from in front
of you thousands of feet into the air. The dodecahedron
creates the loving, sacred, safe space required for this
work. As you get closer you notice a beautiful castle
enclosed. As you reach the dodecahedron a portal opens
allowing you access. You cross a bridge, go through the
castle gates.

Ahead of you, you see a landing. Here a set of steps goes
down to your right. Go to the top of the steps. Again take a
moment to envision how you want the steps to be. Then take a
couple of steps down. Reach down and take a moment to
experience the texture of the steps. You see a doorway at
the bottom of the steps. Make your way slowly down the rest
of the steps. You walk through the door into an elaborate
foyer. Take some time to acquaint yourself with this area.
Notice anything that seems relevant.

On the other side of the foyer is a door. As you walk toward
it opens and inside is a table set for a banquet. It is a
vision of beauty. One of your guides or spirit helpers takes
you to your seat at the head of the table. The guide may
take human form or may manifest with animal form. Ask his or
her name. They are there to serve your highest good. (Pause)

In front of you is a silver platter with a domed lid.
Underneath this lid lies something symbolic of the first
stage to leading a life of Divine Inspiration. It may take
the form of a picture, of a symbol, of words or of a
hologram.  Your guide removes the lid for you to behold what
lies underneath. Take sometime to connect with this and take
it into your heart.

Find out the relevance of what is presented before you. Be
aware of any questions that come into your consciousness and
direct these to your guide. Also, ask how will this gift
assist you in your journey in the earthly realm? I’ll
leave you 10 minutes for this. If you feel the answers you
require are complete remain in contemplation of the image
you received, again holding it in your heart. At the sound
of my voice begin to finish if you have any further
questions. If you have no further questions humbly thank
your guide three times for being present in your life at
this time.

(Pause) 10 min

Begin to finish now, thanking your guide humbly three times
as you complete.

(Pause) 1 min

Depart the room, then the foyer. Come back up the stairs and
leave the castle. Come back into your body, and when
you’re ready open your eyes.