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  • Working with Qualities of the Soul: Vast

    A vast potentiality within. A universe of possibilities to explore as a human. Logos, Moore explains as being the “mysterious, unfathomable nature of soul”.

    I hadn’t imagined that my daughter would want to do a bungy-jump while she was here. I’d thought she had done one before so I was quite honoured when she said she wanted to do it at the same place her brother had.

    It was raining a little on the way on the way to Hanmer and the thought was there that may they wouldn’t jump in the rain. They do it in all weathers. There was no backing out.

    If someone had said to me 25 years ago that a few years from now people would be jumping off bridges on the end of gigantic rubber bands, bouncing, swinging and dangling, I’m not sure I’d have believed them. Now it is a widely accepted adventure activity. It is definitely part of that vast potentiality of wonderful experience.

    And the smile that was on my daughter’s face when she returned to the look-out point where I’d been videoing the jump was testament to the breath-taking nature of experiencing herself as someone who has thrown themselves off a bridge for the sheer thrill. Now I can’t wait to do it myself. I used to wonder why I hadn’t done it before and now I know. I felt absolutely privileged to have been witness to both my son and daughter taking this plunge and I don’t think I’d have fully appreciated the looks that I saw on their faces had I done it prior to them.

    Talking to her afterwards it was if the whole experience had possessed her. I asked if she’d noticed the bus going across while they were preparing her. Absolutely oblivious of the fact. There was just her and the jump. The photographer below had called to her to wave and it was a distraction that her mind didn’t want to comprehend so the wave was a bit hesitant. She was itching to get off the bridge, wanted the countdown 3, 2, 1 to hurry up so she could just do it. She was ready to go on 3. Any hesitation and she knew that her mind would have begun to organise excuses as to why she couldn’t do it. And again that smile attested to the vastness of  committing to something and succeeding.

    Tuesday was one of those days that seemed to have it all. Action, adventure, grace, relatedness, beingness, beauty, love, sadness.

    Following the jump we went a little further into the township of Hanmer which is a geothermal area and noted for its hot pools. We “took the waters” as used to be said of people enjoying the warmth of naturally occuring hot water.

    Moving from hot to cooler, hotter still and then cool, steam rising from the pools in the almost wintry weather. It was raining and though still the middle of summer a little on the cool side. We were chatting all the time and I’m usually a man of few words when in conversation.

    Then it was beer and a basket of fries in the pub. The rain had increased in intensity by this stage and it was one of those great moments sitting in a warm place with hot food and a cold beer just watching rain outside seemingly in unity with the moment.

    We drove back to Christchurch thinking we’d drop in and see my sister. Not home. Granny and Poppa weren’t home either when we called in there. And that was perfect she got to spend some quality time with her brother before we had to head out to the airport to put her on the plane.

    The drive to the airport was quiet and a touch of sadness as I thought about her heading home. In the past it was me going home after I’d spend a weekend with them. It’s always there leaving the children behind. That bond needing to be broken so that I could continue with my life however it turned out. Within the sadness lies the love. The bond between parent and child.

    I won’t call it bittersweet because there’s no bitterness. There is definitely a sweetness within the sadness because of the love I hold for both of them.


  • Working with Qualities of the Soul: Individual

    My apologies, I had intended to have this post on the site yesterday morning. I have had my daughter visiting and we’d made plans for yesterday so I put this on the backburner.

    I’m always interested in what might be going on for me from a soul perspective when I notice a song running a continuous loop in my head or the words for a song. The words that were running – I feel so uninspired – are from the song Sway by one of our beautiful Kiwi singers, Bic Runga.

    Sorry little sidetrack here: I just love doing this. I went to find lyrics for the song.  While re-connecting with the words I found this neat widget that you can put in your sidebar that scrolls through the lyrics of whatever song you’re inspired by. Its from MetroLyrics. The heart may not appear to be in keeping visually with the overall tone of the blog. It is representative, though, of the underlying message. The Path with Heart. The heart is the seat of the Soul in our bodies.

    Anyway part of me was feeling uninspired considering the challenge facing me. And I was enjoying having my daughter with me though our time would only be a few days. I let her know the challenge I’m facing at the moment without letting it affect the specialness of her presence. I’ve seen what I can be like in the past when I’ve been in similar headspaces. I allowed myself to be with all of it without withdrawing.

    As I consider lyrics I find myself directing those lyrics inward to my soul or divine self instead of turning them outwards to an external person or event. The following are those lyrics from Sway that speak to that place – the place in me that wants to know and be connected to the divine.

    Say you’ll Stay
    Don’t come and go
    Like you do
    Sway my way
    Yeah I need to know
    All about you
    Its all because of you

    As I do this sometimes I connect to something deep within. A chord is struck within my soul and I feel touched by something greater than myself. I’m not sure what you call it, God, Source, Higher Self, Spirit, Essence, Buddha, the Divine, Love, Life. Whatever you name it is a part of you and a part of all that you experience.

    With this essence that is a part of us all and connects us with all manifestations of life what is the need of an individuality to our Soul? Why can we not just be like everybody else?

    Because it is within the infinite manifestation of variety that The Divine is able to understand each nuance of what it means to be a spiritual being having a physical experience. This is the fascination of life.

    What makes you unique? How are you experiencing life in a way that is different to those around you? I’ll bet we all know someone who we consider eccentric – that isn’t following norm – who isn’t conforming to our own imagining of how life should be. And that may be a key – our own imagining of how life should be.

    If in our imagination our life should be a particular way that should creates an attachment and as we become attached we either stop being in the flow of life or are attaching ourselves to someone or something with whom we imagine we want to flow through life with. And yet within that we can still find our individuality our uniqueness.

    Being with the challenge has been eccentric behaviour for me. I have seen that I’m not like the rest of my family, that I won’t allow myself to be treated like the sheep that New Zealand is famous for, mustered off to the first position the government finds for me. I also get lots of email calling me to follow this system or that to make lots of money and yet I find that a hollow representation of what we are here for.

    I believe we need to find ways of creating a nurturing world wherein each person on Planet Earth has the opportunity to experience themselves as a representation of the Divine Energy, to celebrate their individuality, to feel passionate about who they are and what they’re doing, to gratefully share it all without thought of what’s in it for me.

    Who are you without what you do? Who are you without what you have? Who are when you allow yourself to be?


  • Working with Aspects of the Soul: Sharing

    As always the world is a perfect reflection for me. I stayed over at my sister and her husband’s place after the gathering on Friday night. I allowed the weekend to unfold. I was asked if I’d like to go with them to Akaroa where my brother Stephen was going to spend his holidays. I said yes.

    Though I had nothing monetary to contribute I had to allow myself to be shared with. I’m finding it exceedingly difficult not being able to offer goods towards the cause. I managed to round the seven children up and get them away to the park with some assistance to give the mothers a break.

    And contributing with preparation of food and cleaning. And yet I felt like I hadn’t given enough. I had an interesting conversation with my brother and brother in law when I shared how I was feeling about what I was doing with my life and where I wanted to take it. I was aware of some of the literature about change and having some of those closest to us offering the most resistance. And here it was.

    Had I attracted that with my thoughts? That idea had certainly focused my attention when I had read it. I wonder how I may be affecting my reality at this point by focusing on my perceived lack of monetary resources. And yet I feel something strengthening within. Something deeper that doesn’t want to lie down and give up. That wants to see me arrive at the fullest expression of my life as it has been building to this point.

    Life seems to want more from me otherwise I’d not have created such a challenging obstacle for myself. An image that came to me over the weekend was that of a butterfly, struggling to throw off the bonds of its chrysalis. As it moves inside the chrysalis it is building the muscles required to not only break open its cocoon but also once in the open to be able to fly, to open its beautiful wings unto the world. In creating situations for ourselves whether we are conscious of them or not we allow the strengthening of the muscles of our awareness and create the perfect vehicle for breaking into a more beautiful expression of who we truly are on this physical plane of existence.

    Another idea that I was present to was how perfect the internet is for us to experience the law of attraction. We Google something and often there are millions of results to choose from. The world is sharing itself with itself. Another beautiful expression of consciousness. The more we refine our search the less options we are given. The more we focus our attention the closer we get to what it is we really wish to receive. Whatever we are wishing to experience it is right here. The world is a perfect reflection of what we are experiencing within our minds.

  • Living in Soul: Aspects – Part Two

    Aspects of the Soul

    Sharing, Loneliness, Neutrality, Impersonality, Detachment

    This is week two of the process. Like last week I’ll be posting as I form a daily intention based on the each of these five aspects.

    The characteristic of sharing is a principle which covers all realms; the physical (food, shelter, goods); the mental (information, learning) and the spiritual (things that nurture our soul, beliefs around the sacred, ideas that fill us with enthusiasm for life). Whatever we possess can be shared. And when shared graciously will nuture all souls that have been touched by the act. Sharing is the synthesis of giving and taking it touches both parties. It increases the power of that which is shared. If one has discovered what they imagine to be some sort of elixir, something with life enhancing properties why would one not want to share it. The act of keeping it for himself and holding tightly onto it would have him withering and eventually dying.

    The following is in snippets from The Soul The Quality of Life.
    Bailey’s words better illuminate loneliness from a spiritual perspective. The understanding for me was more meaningful and I didn’t want to dilute the power of her words. The first comes from the chapter “Relationships of the Soul” the second from “Characteristics of the Soul”.

    (a) One of the primary conditions that a disciple has to cultivate, in order to sense the Plan and be used by the Master, is solitude. In solitude the rose of the soul flourishes; in solitude the divine self can speak; in solitude the faculties and the graces of the higher self can take root and blossom in the personality. In solitude also the Master can approach and impress upon the quiescent soul the knowledge that he seeks to impart, the lesson that must be learnt, the method and plan for work that the disciple must grasp. In solitude the sound is heard. The Great Ones have to work through human instruments, and the Plan and the vision are much handicapped by failure on the part of these instruments.

    (b) …..Loneliness comes when the disciple steps out of a life of physical plane concentration and finds himself in the midway place between the world of outer affairs and the inner world of meaning…..from the tangible world to which he is accustomed must, he knows, be superseded by the intangible world of values and new responsibilities…… He is breaking loose from the mass consciousness with which he has been merged, but has not yet found his group, into which he will eventually be consciously absorbed….. Be not afraid of loneliness. The soul that cannot stand alone has naught to give…… In this solitude there is no morbidness, there is no harsh withdrawing and there is no aspect of separateness. There is only the place where the disciple stands, detached and unafraid and in that place of utter quiet the Master comes and solitude is not.

    Neutrality is one of the suggestions I found useful in the HeartMath Solution. The authors propose that when you’re unable to find anything to appreciate about a situation imagine feeling neutral toward it. The Bailey material referred to this as Spiritual Indifference. It involves not getting caught up or attached to feelings or moods that stimulate pain, distress and also excitement within our bodies. While our bodies are our vehicles for this earthly experience and need to be nurtured, constant negative feelings can be unhealthy. From a soul perspective, while their shade provides a richness in the colour of life, the negative needs to recognized as a pointer without getting caught up in or attached to it.

    Confusing mood, feeling and sensation within our bodies as spiritual reality can lead first to illusion and then addiction. Though addiction prevents the soul from making itself known in our lives it can be a signpost to soul consciousness.

    I think about addiction as habitual behaviour embedded in our personality. We may be conscious of it but it has become a trap. A trap in that we imagine it is needed so that our lives may continue as normal. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes can be life-threatening and there are also what Judith Wright calls soft addictions which may include moodiness, surfing the internet, gossip, cellphone usage, television, overeating, procrastination.

    When I catch myself sinking into a soft addiction adopting an attitude of neutrality is useful to ease my way out of it. By introducing a more positive attitude, focusing on purpose or vision for my life, the addiction gradually loses it hold.

    When a man is beginning to live as a soul, and when his consciousness has shifted away from the world of illusion, then he can be useful……. The true picture of the world’s need releases you from your own ambition and sets you free to work with no thought of self or of spiritual happiness and with no desire for any self appointed task; with no longing for glittering promises of future success and with no demanding ache for the tender touch and contact with those greater in consciousness than ourselves……. You need to learn the lessons of accepting guidance from your own soul and of learning to work with harmony and impersonality on the physical plane with the group or groups to which your destiny impels you.

    The idea that comes to mind as I read this is presence. During my Holistic Life Coach training one of the catch phrases we heard often was…. Your presence is enough. To be present with the client without wanting to fix them, without feeling you need to do something. Within that presence I am connected to soul and if I hear my heart calling that is the time to offer myself to the process.

    The other idea that comes to mind is from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements. One of the Agreements he encourages readers to cultivate is taking nothing personally. Each of us is doing the best with what life has gifted them. If we are experiencing something challenging it is about our own internal processes rather what anyone may be doing or saying to us.

    One of the processes of meditation is that of witnessing. Becoming the watcher of what is happening within as I endeavour to quiet the mind. I become a trainspotter following the train of thought, though not being attached to it. The carriages of thought can contain a cargo of emotion and this observational attitude is useful so I don’t get hooked into the feelings thought may generate.

    When I bring this witness with me into everyday life I don’t get caught up in other people’s stuff. I am able to allow their process to unfold and just be with them in that and as before let presence show the way.

    By standing serene there is no more waste motion, no more mistaken moves, and no more false interpretations, no wandering down the bypaths of daily living, no seeing others through distorted and prejudiced vision and – above all – no more misuse of force.


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