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  • Plagued: A Call to Conscious Evolution

    A thought arrived in my consciousness yesterday and started building a home“. With those words I began the post Haunted by the Future. It feels like I’m beginning to move some furniture in.

    The trip to Auckland and the meeting with the sculpted Moses returns me to his story and the plagues that were experienced in Egypt at that time.

    There were 10 plagues according to the Old Testament. The first was the Nile turning to blood followed by frogs, gnats, flies, livestock disease, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and the death of first born children.

    Plagues of Egypt in Wikipedia gives a possible scenario on how these plagues may have occured naturally. It makes for interesting reading.

    It got me considering how history might look back at the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Are there experiences that might be thought of as plague-like by future historians? Will a certain mythology arise from this seemingly transitional time we are going through?

    What are our modern plagues? After I had Googled modern plague I found I needed to first define plague. What was at the top of the list had to do with biological disease. Another definition is… any widespread affliction, calamity, or evil, esp. one regarded as a direct punishment by God: a plague of war and desolation.

    What came to mind for me personally were the following:

    Consumerism/Debt, Deforestation, Addiction, Poverty, Celebrity, Climate Change, Female Infanticide – for each of these I’ve supplied links in the resources below.

    The other plagues that came to mind were:

    • Politics: I haven’t included a link here as politics is such a complex subject suffice it to say that it comes from the Greek word “polis” meaning state or city. “Politikos” concerns anything regarding the state or city affairs. These days we can include any forms of governance within corporate, religious, and academic institutions as having a political base. My personal slant is that I see those in power as being at times held to ransom by people with money. I see an us and them mentality that concerns itself with ideologies the average guy probably has no concept of. International politics seems to be a game of oneupmanship oblivious the needs of the common people and the Earth on which we live. And I’m also sure there are many politicians who have a good heart as well.
    • Suicide: This is very close to my heart at present. One of my cousins has recently lost a son to suicide. I’m not sure whether I’d describe it as an epidemic, though that is the way a friend saw it. It is certainly a tragedy that Adam found it necessary to take away the most precious gift he had, his life. I heard it described as a “coward’s way out” and I’m not sure I believe that either. When I try to imagine what it might be like to reach that point I get the feeling that it is the most courageous act left to the person who feels they need to take that final step. I’m sure they are fully conscious that this is the only way. And finally –
    • War/Terrorism.

    I imagine that the law of attraction is bringing this to us all for a reason. Zero LimitsI’m reminded of the book Zero Limits, a collaboration between Dr. Joe Vitale and his Hawaiian mentor Dr Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. In it Dr Hew Len asks that we consider that it we need to be responsible not only for what physically manifests that we in our lives but anything that enters our consciousness, anything that we become mindful of. Dr Len is the man who cured a ward of the criminally insane without seeing them in a therapeutic setting. By working on himself as he read through their records the environment around him began to change. He used a “mantra” as he encountered the space within triggered by what he was reading. The mantra – “I’m sorry… Please forgive me… Thank you… I love you”. He took responsibility for what was arriving in his consciousness and offered the “mantra” or prayer to the Divine. He acknowledged that to the Divine all was perfect and was taking responsibility for imperfectness of our human experience.

    The way I understand it is to see that there is a perceived imperfection in the human condition and by becoming conscious of the places our imperfection manifests we are able to improve on them. We are only able to change that which we become conscious of.

    I’m not surprised by synchronicities that occur as I continue to make posts on this blog. Only today I received an email from a friend that she’d forwarded on. An answer to the questions posed by these Modern Plagues?  A Call to Conscious Evolution. If what you read resonates there is a link at the bottom of the page where you can pledge your support.

    And another synchronicity finding this quote at the beginning of the Zeitgeist: Addendum Movie…

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

    J. Krishnamurti



    Lest we forget beauty…..

    Clarendon Building

  • Working with Aspects of the Soul: Love

    As I considered the challenges I was facing I decided it would be a good idea to take some of the medicine I was prescribing for my readers, using the process of Design, Mine and Refine. Love was the first of the aspects so this was the intention, inspiration or design I held for the day. Here’s how it went.

    I began the day with a Reiki self treatment. It is my way of honouring myself. I read a little of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s You’ll See It When You Believe It. It was the beginning of the chapter on Synchronicity.

    When I got out of bed I went straight to my laptop and turned it on. As soon as it had booted I began to work. I continued with the process of deleting a backlog of email. Prior to today I had the feeling that this was something I’d rather deny. Today it flowed and I responded in the moment to email that had arrived overnight and as I worked.

    I have been experiencing a stuckness as the New Year unfolded. Interesting that I should be corresponding on Facebook this morning with John Seeley M.A the author of Get Unstuck and he wants to come to New Zealand and do some speaking engagements. Awesome. The Law of Vibration seems to be alive and well and living in my soul.

    Facebook’s great isn’t it. I’d been inviting friends through other friends that seemed to be in tune with me even though I’d never met them before. I followed through by taking the time to look at Cheryl’s blog and discovered she reviewed books. I had written Life’s a Banquet which I self-published. 20 copies for my friends and family. I then put it in an ebook format and registered it with Clickbank late last year. No sales to speak of. I asked Cheryl if she’d review it and she said she’d love to. I came home tonight and I’d made my first sale. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    I completed all that I had felt compelled to do on the computer. I had a text from a friend saying she’d broken up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago. I had said that I was heading into town and she’d said she try to meet me in there. It never eventuated. We texted back and forth and we’ll meet tomorrow.

    This seemed rather fortuitous in hindsight. As I biked into town I saw another friend and stopped off to talk to him. The synchronicity I was reading about this morning was playing its hand. We must have talked for a good hour and a half. Mostly we chatted about the Law of Attraction, one of my favourite subjects. He speaks so eloquently and passionately about it. Magic.

    Coffee at a favourite cafe. Indulged my love of books at the library. And rounded off the day with a dinner at my parents house with all of the local family, plus my brother and his wife and three children from Australia. Absolutely wonderful. Any woes forgotten.


    Tomorrow – Working with Aspects of the Soul: Responsibility