Working with Aspects of the Soul: Impersonality

You need to learn the lessons of accepting guidance from your own soul and of learning to work with harmony and impersonality on the physical plane with the group or groups to which your destiny impels you

I felt a little caught up in my challenges yesterday and it took some reminding from time to time what the day’s intention was. I noticed last night when I attended a shamanic circle that after one of the women had presented us with the gift of a sound healing – a toning from her Hathor guide, she’d somehow expected it to bring up emotion in me. I felt that what she’d done was inspiring and beautiful and yet I imagined I might have been displaying a coolness on the surface while I felt blessed by her sharing.

I talked to another friend of mine during the day and he had been going through some stickiness in a relationship and it was interesting to hear him say that when he’d chosen to deal with it from a place of impersonality that something had changed within him. When that happened he’d felt more aligned with his soul purpose and things started happening for him in his external world.

I see impersonality as another way of opening to creation. There is a freedom in this state. In the presence of the moment I am able to accept whatever is happening simply. I have a choice to attach meaning to it. When it was said that more emotion was expected during the circle I didn’t feel moved to feel a negative emotion but allowed myself to express genuinely what had gone on for me during the toning.

Neale Donald Walsch in his latest book Happier than God speaks about having choice about the meanings we attach to events. He says “the meaning of everything is the meaning you give it”.

If you invite your soul to offer guidance what will it say to you when you are faced with challenging situations? Can you allow yourself to bring new meaning to your experiences where before you may have attached a negative connotation?