Working with Aspects of the Soul: Intuition

Working with intuition seems difficult as I continue to face financial challenge. Often I am pre-occupied with a knot of fear in my stomach and as I follow that rather than opening to my heart I remain a little stuck. Doing, focusing on what is required for my physical self seems to take me away from that knot and yet it returns when my thoughts turn inward again. I’m feeling it now as I begin this post.

What is the fear? Why am I wasting my time doing this when I should be out finding a job, earning money, putting food on the table, moving away from relying on the goodwill of my family and friends. At the same time there is a deep and sincere gratitude for their support over this period.

Having said that intuition had a large part to play as my blog unfolded yesterday. Not simply getting in there and doing it but going back and googling A Beautiful Mind clarified the truth about the story which gave me a new trail to follow.

I kept reminding myself throughout the day to be feel connected to intuition. I carried the sensation of connection to the void during my conscious connected breathing session on Friday of being in the light. My physical self felt more poised.

My first task of the day to pick up my daughter from the airport. As I drove out there I seemed to be in perfect alignment with time. I was trusting that I’d arrive there and she’d be waiting to go. At Christchurch airport you have 20 mins free parking before you have to pay. I parked and got to the terminal there was a little delay and then she was on the stairs. Once we’d connected I quickly excused myself to get the car. Perfect – no charge.

Visited my Mum and Dad to catch them up with their granddaughter. Got home and my son had breakfast lining up – couldn’t have written that one in the plan. Headed off to the Mall and we went separate ways.

Perfect opportunity to allow a finer tuned experience of intuition. I allowed that void experience to be present and decided on the shop I felt she’d be. I went there and she wasn’t. Never mind I wandered around remaining open to pick up any hunch. She’d said she was in the market for a pair of shorts and I walked past all the places I felt might be a place where she’d shop. It was when I returned to my original hunch that she wandered up. She’d been sidetracked to sleepwear.

Another interesting experience when in the afternoon I was back at the same Mall with my son and his friend in tow as well. We were walking back to the car where I’d expected them to be – I’d seen them walking that way. I got back to the car and they weren’t. They’d been in the Mall and walked from the other side towards us and I’d missed them. My expectations coloured my experience of intuition. I needed to let go of expectation.

Hindsight too is a wonderful thing. I looked after my nephews that night. And the eldest is having some difficulty sleeping at the moment. I was having some quiet time with the tv and when he got out of bed I’d try to allay his fears – yes I’ll send Mummy in when she gets home etc. I won’t say I should’ve used another way. The intuitive hindsight was that I’d’ve been better to sit down with him and talk him through it – find out what was really bothering him. There are NLP practitioners that live quite close to him that could work with that sleeplessness process in a more focused way than me. I’ll suggest it.

This is the final post with regard to working with Aspects of the Soul. When I followed a similar process we repeated each aspect 3 times to intensify its presence in our consciousness.

Creating intention in the morning and following through later in the evening or early the next day by journaling is an ongoing process as we sift through our experiences  to discover what works and what doesn’t.

On my next post I’ll be working with the Qualities of the Soul in the same as I have for the Aspects.