Working with Aspects of the Soul: Wisdom

Wisdom is simple.

I have always believed in numbers, in the equations and logics that lead to reason. But after a lifetime of such pursuits I ask, “What truly is logic?” … It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found.
Russell Crowe playing mathematician John Nash in A Beautiful Mind

I was going to tell you how moved I was by the final scene of the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, from which the quote above comes, until I Googled it and found Holt UnCensored. What is the wisdom in keeping the truth from people? The Movie – I keep capitalizing the M in movie this morning for some strange reason – becomes a fictionalised account of the truth. Maybe it serves a purpose for the wider public to give them courage to face the demons of their own lives. Perhaps I’m being caught up in a truth and lies thing. When we see anything that gives us heart whether true or fictionalised it simply gives us heart.

When I heard it I thought what a wonderful piece, I can use that tomorrow when I ‘m writing about wisdom. I see it now as a sentiment meant to engender an emotional response from an audience. And I was touched by the words, though I find it sad that the makers felt they had to change the substance of the movie to somehow make it more palatable for a wider audience. That even in truth the story is a triumph over adversity. There may have been no need to softsoap the movie-going public.

I visited my friend Wendy Joy for a Conscious Connected Breathing session yesterday morning. Also known as Rebirthing, the session is guided by the practitioner firstly to get the client into and maintain their breathing pattern initially, at regular times along the way, and then if they appear to be in some difficulty as the session unfolds.

Yesterday I had a most beautiful experience as I connected with the void. In previous experiences there was a darkness – not an unpleasant darkness – but a darkness nonetheless. Yesterday an experience of light in the void. I struggled some of the way with the breathing but after a while it took on a life of its own. While it somehow seemed significant to experience the light, the moment Wendy placed her hand on my back I finally understood. That’s when the tears came. The tears of absolute blessedness. If I seek the light or anything connected with the light to the exclusion of all else, then I miss the point of our material existence. To experience each other as physical. One hand gently placed on my back was enough to discover the wisdom of being here in the physical.

Wendy also lent me the book A New Earth by Eckhardt Tolle. There is a wonderful passage early in the book where he tells the story of the Buddha giving a silent sermon in which he simply contemplates a flower he is holding gently in his hand. Only one of his monks understood the power of the sermon.

As I looked at my own wisdom yesterday in the context of the challenges I’ve been facing I see the ways in which I am able to delude myself, lie to myself, love myself, be in the moment, follow my path, be myself as I feel the expectations of those around me or are they in fact my own expectations projected outward.  All is well and I am Blessed.